Connectidy’s Story

The Problem with Online Dating

Like millions of single Americans looking for serious relationships, we were frustrated with our online dating experiences. We wanted to date real people who were serious about starting relationships. But since people have to build their own profiles, they often misrepresent themselves — intentionally and unintentionally. So when we started to communicate with people, or meet them for dates, we had that all too familiar feeling that their profiles did not reflect their true personalities.  

Without any opportunities to improve their self-awareness, online daters keep repeating the same mistakes and meeting the same types of people and finding that they don’t feel a real connection. Many websites trap people on the dating merry-go-round because it’s in their best interest to keep their users single — and desperately searching.  

A Solution for Real People Who Want Real Relationships

What if there was a way to be matched with someone through a system that actually understands personality rather than persona? Connectidy is to able analyze all its participants by how they write — not just what they write — and present an objective personality assessment. Connectidy reads people for who they really are instead of forcing them to dictate who they think they should be. And Connectidy aims to help its users cultivate greater emotional intelligence, a critical factor in building happy, successful relationships.


Why Connectidy is Different


We base matching on relationship science, not on personal subjectivity.

Profiles are created for each user after IBM’s Watson AI ingests written text pulled from major social media platforms. Then, leveraging the Praescripto Engine, Connectidy uses its patent-pending 5 pass algorithms to deliver a highly accurate personality profile. Our algorithms update dynamically, constantly ingesting and analyzing new data. So the more users communicate with others, the better Connectidy understands them.

We employ 3-way user verification, so we know our users are who they say they are.

Once people decide to start matching, they’re directed to a verification page. With Connectidy, this is not an add on-service. It’s all part of our package for ensuring the perfect match. No bots, no fakes, no phonies. Just real people looking to meet someone special.

We demonstrate how personal preferences affect a user’s pool of potential matches.

A person may want to be matched with blonde women or men over 6 feet tall, but focusing on superficial traits could mean missing out on a compatible personality match. Connectidy is able to show users how their decisions affect an outcome so they can weigh the impact and adjust accordingly.