Dineen Tallering, Founder, Explains How Connectidy Works at NY Tech Meetup at NYU in NYC

https://vimeo.com/user46197096/dineen tallering of connectidy at nytech meetup april 2016

How to Spot, Handle and Test a Closet Narcissist

Have you ever met someone who constantly tells you how “sensitive” and “introverted” they are, or act seemingly shy when all you actually see is a selfish and egotistical paradox? […]

Connectidy App Desktop View

First Ever Cognitive App Seeks Sophisticated Beta Testers, from Connectidy, Powered by IBM Watson

Connectidy’s clientele is their most valued asset. That’s why they have invested in the most superior technology ever offered on any dating site and Connectidy is now seeking sophisticated users […]

Connectidy’s Cognitive Computing Technology Eliminates Drama

Not being able to accurately label and describe emotions has been linked with interpersonal issues.  There is no question that emotional intelligence plays a role on the formation of personal […]

The Politics of Prioritization in Matchmaking

A fundamental success concept underlies both politics and matchmaking: Prioritization of traits that are most important to you can help select the right presidential candidate and the perfect match. Your […]

Connectidy Is No One-Size-Fits-All Cognitive System

  Written by Stacy Slotnick   Matchmaking cannot function effectively and spiritedly as a one-size-fits-all model if it is to innovate the world. While one could argue it would be […]