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Welcome to Connectidy, and thank you for helping us in our mission to make online dating safer, smarter and more successful than traditional dating ever claimed to be.

We promise to never be perfect because we promise to never stop growing and evolving along with the intellectually curious, technologically curious, and emotionally curious people who have embraced Connectidy.

So if you’re smart enough to be drawn to us, you’re smart enough to know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Here’s what we need from you in order to maintain the free membership:

  • Once every quarter we will be sending out a link to list of questions (no more than ten!), please answer them with brutal honesty.
  • On every page, we have a comment button, please use it gratuitously.
  • When you hear something, say something. We love hearing ANYTHING that is said about us. We have no problem with hearsay, and we will never ask you to reveal a source.

Naturally some of our Co-Developers will be more involved than others, so we reserve the right to give extra perks to those who provide us with a steady stream of insight. And if we don’t hear back from you on the quarterly questions, we will take the hint and remove your name from the team list.

Thank you again for joining the Connectidy Co-Developer program, and just remember, if you keep your membership current, you can always pass it on to another insightful person!


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