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Connectidy Is No One-Size-Fits-All Cognitive System


Written by Stacy Slotnick


Matchmaking cannot function effectively and spiritedly as a one-size-fits-all model if it is to innovate the world. While one could argue it would be easier to provide people with a list of strategies that would work universally, such a structure is uninspiring and ineffective.  Instead, we need different strategies and a smarter system that ingests and evaluates massive amounts of data more fully to meet all types of needs.  That is where Connectidy comes in.


The cognitive computing wunderkind IBM Watson is known for its winning turn on Jeopardy! The system ingests vast amounts of information from disparate sources. With its cognitive capabilities, Connectidy can take all the data and it can even pull in its other sources to create a useful service to match romantic partners; coaches to athletes; doctors to patients; retailers to salespeople; marketing agencies to clients; and charities with donors.


“From hospitals to kitchens, IBM Watson has clocked in to work and it is ready to take impressive strides across numerous industries,” enthuses Arthur Tisi, CEO and co-founder of


“On top of the never-before-seen power of IBM Watson, Connectidy uses a concept known as ‘Cluster Analysis’ whereby better identification and matching of people is achieved through the use of various algorithms that differ significantly in their approach, reach, and specific method of collecting and learning about important information.”  It is those differing processes that make Connectidy highly personalized and accurate.


The app takes advantage of IBM Watson’s natural language capabilities to allow Connectidy to become more personalized over time as the cognitive computer reasons and learns.  Matchmaking of any sort should not use a one-size-fits-all model.


Incorporating IBM Watson’s mesmeric proficiencies, Connectidy learns from the data it receives and responds in an advantageous way to natural language questions, and provides real insights.  IBM Watson is able to learn from prior interactions, it can understand natural language and generate evidence-based hypotheses.


IBM Watson incorporates a cognitive strategy that gives organizations the ability to transform their industry and professions with data.  It aims to enable people to engage with data to answer questions, uncover patterns, and pursue breakthrough ideas and solutions.


IBM Watson takes high-volume data and reasoning services to provide clients with significant competitive advantage as they link their business and personal lives with pertinent information in real time.  Dineen Tallering, President and co-founder, who has a hardy entrepreneurial spirit focused on innovation, execution and accountability states, “Connectidy actually has a system that learns over time, so that what you want and need to know about yourself and others helps build stronger and more satisfying life-long relationships as a result of better decisions.”


At Connectidy, IBM Watson really does deliver Spot-On Choices as its tagline denotes because the first ever-cognitive matching application allows people to make informed, powerful choices based on Emotional Intelligence and real data on potential partners.  What are you waiting for? You will instantaneously realize the effects of personalized matchmaking when you sign up at