Connectidy’s Cognitive Computing Technology Eliminates Drama

Not being able to accurately label and describe emotions has been linked with interpersonal issues.  There is no question that emotional intelligence plays a role on the formation of personal and professional relationships. Being in tune with one’s emotions, that is, able to identify and describe them, has a significant impact on our emotional health and ability to make sound and sensible choices.

Emotional intelligence, as defined by celebrated psychologist and Harvard graduate Daniel Goleman, is the ability to recognize one’s own feelings and the thoughts of others, for motivating oneself and for managing emotions in one’s relationships. Understanding and interpreting emotional intelligence is key to eliminating conflict.

There are many intricate traits for every individual that understanding which patient should be matched with which doctor and which two people will be romantically compatible seems, at first glance, to be an impossible feat. In order to function more fully, we must begin to move away from the drama to understand emotional intelligence and find solutions relatively free from conflict.

For starters, algorithms provide tools for contrasting the efficiency of different methods of solution. The technology used by Connectidy helps interpret patterns of why drama was created and how conflict came about before delivering drama-free solutions.

What Connectidy does is it stores your data, keeps it safe, and invests it on your behalf by producing better quality results. Artificial intelligence can creatively solve problems since natural language processing can help make sense of titanic quantities of untapped data and discover details and patterns that explain complex interactions to extract the information that is ultimately needed to make the right choice. Cognitive technology unearths only what is relevant and useful.

IBM Watson involves making better predictions for one’s life by excavating epic amounts of data in order to aid businesses and people to come up with actionable insights in real-time and long-term bases. Connectidy identifies self-inflicted drama and toxicity and warns to avoid certain problematic repetitions.

For example, many business and personal relationships are shaped by negative patterns, including game playing, obsessing over benign details, ignoring red flags, lack of honesty and truthfulness, poor communication, etc. Connectidy’s cognitive technology helps prevent you from making the same mistake twice.

Connectidy is able to give you spot-on choices based on real data and information faster than any person. The Connectidy app, powered by IBM Watson, gives a list of possible pathways and makes suggestions about which ones it thinks is the best course to take.

Dr. Pedro Domingos, a leading researcher in machine learning, eloquently summarizes the benefits of cognitive computing in his latest Wall Street Journal article: “Eventually, your model will be like your best friend, but with infinitely more patience. What will you ask it? You might not like some of its answers, but that would be all the more reason to ponder them. Your model – your digital half – might even help you become a better person.”