Lean In and Lean On Connectidy

Matchmaking requires teamwork, engagement, and collaboration. As a result, Connectidy works in tandem with members to help them be flawless in their execution of finding suitable matches.

Connectidy proficiently processes mountains of data to learn about your emotional intelligence. Through boutique engineering, once written correspondence starts between two people, Connectidy tone checks to ensure the way members are corresponding to their matches are a true reflection of their genuine self. Connectidy assists members in interpreting compatibility based on keystrokes.

Does matchmaking, be it for dating, business, healthcare, academia, or sports seem daunting and unmanageable? The cognitive-based system known as Connectidy helps build knowledge and understand natural language based on what you type and what you tell Connectidy about your matches.   Connectidy provides quality over quantity matches by delegating the work to trailblazing technology that decodes how members write, not what they write. The more members write, the more Connectidy learns, and the more refined the process is at offering pairings that mirror one’s emotional intelligence.

The outsourcing engagement model should be a strategic and close partnership, not a simple or perfunctory hand-off of duties to a third-party. By accessing the wide range of features on Connectidy, which is powered by IBM Watson, it is finally possible to innovate and drive your matchmaking success to levels beyond what you alone might have accomplished.

Connectidy members get better real-time information for matchmaking decisions in order to be able to increase their focus on realizing the right spot-on choices. Connectidy supercharges true match connections.

Connectidy ensures members are aware of their distinctive emotional intelligence so that they can unearth fitting connections for them. Connectidy sifts through massive amounts of data — most of it in the form of texts and social media — to glean insights that power bona fide matches.

Connectidy takes a wider view of personality, giving members a more complete picture of what’s going on with their personal and professional lives based on all the written material and feedback provided. This system does something that no other matching system does – it gives members skills that move beyond analyzing natural language to offer a sharper vision of one’s true self to make better matches.

Connectidy raises new possibilities to usher in real advancement for matchmaking. Connectidy takes people from confusion to comprehension. Truth in matchmaking is possible through Connectidy.

Because Connectidy’s members are a core value of their brand, they have fashioned captivating technology that provides clients with a competitive advantage in the form of actual metrics, feedback from interactions with potential matches, and personality appraisals. Connectidy focuses on attention to detail, individuality, and above all, valuable matches.

It is nice to know that you are not alone in your matchmaking efforts when you join Connectidy. Lean in and lean on Connectidy’s new technology and winning science that will be a superior partner in helping you find your spot-on match.