Lights, Camera, Connectidy!


written by Stacy Slotnick


“In Hollywood a marriage is a success if it outlasts milk,” noted famed comedienne and actress Rita Rudner. Celebrities are an integral part of our culture and shared morality. For better or worse, high-profile individuals have helped craft the love worldview that we are so deeply entrenched in.

There are Hollywood couples that continue to go the distance but sometimes our faith in soul mates and true love can get a bit wobbly when A-list couples call it quits in headline-worthy announcements. Oscar winner Halle Berry and her husband, Olivier Martinez, recently declared their divorce after two years of marriage. Actress Kaley Cuoco and professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting revealed their intent to divorce after only 21 months of marriage.

We know that Hollywood isn’t immune from bad dates and bad relationships. Out of the 150 million single people in the United States, 33% are looking to find “the one.”  This is where the best online dating tool – Connectidy – comes into play.  The specialized model of selecting a lifelong partner at Connectidy is distinctive, and it is the last online dating platform that those looking for “the one” will ever need.

Connectidy is the gold standard in online dating for individuals looking to find true love. This impeccable program takes written words by accessing social media accounts – think LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ – and the text is ingested by IBM Watson and what comes back is an objective personality assessment that powers purposeful matches.  Connectidy seamlessly processes chat sessions, texts, and dating feedback, along with brief and open-ended scaling questions to pair people with decidedly compatible matches.  Simply stated, Connectidy helps connect people in a more profound way.

Connectidy, which is IBM Watson’s first-ever cognitive dating platform providing rich love links using technology to interpret compatibility based on one’s keystrokes, gets to the heart of the matter by making signature matches powered by IBM Watson.

IBM has employed the artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology behind Watson to sift through an ever-growing mountain of data to help people glean strategic dating insight. The system is used for predictive analysis and will forecast Connectidy members that will be most compatible.

Connectidy does not employ onerous surveys, batteries of psychometric tests, or over elaborate questionnaires to create dating profiles. That process is daunting, and people can game the system by answering questions in a biased manner, which leads to imprecise matches and certainly does not benefit anyone looking for everlasting love.

Connectidy observes, interprets, and evaluates real data. This machinery matches clients with potential partners in a logical way as it digests and analyzes past online correspondences to make complete matches. While other sites pride themselves on the sorcery of their algorithms, Connectidy shows members their true emotional intelligence (personality) and who will be a solid match.  Members receive spot-on choices with better matching accuracy.  Now that’s the kind of Hollywood ending people desire.

Not only will Connectidy help you find true love, find out how we will apply our matching mastery to many different life events.  Stay tuned.