Personality Insights

Connectidy’s interactive visual dashboard provides users with deeper insights into their personality profiles, feedback on compatibility with potential matches — and shows them how their matching preferences affect matching options.

Big 5 Traits and Subtraits

This visualization shows users what percentile they fall into for each of their Big 5 personality traits as well as their sub-traits. Clients who meet the required word count and answer the questions we provide end up with a profiles that are 90% accurate, or better. Users start off by discovering who they really are — before even a single match is made.

A Universe to Explore

After users create their profiles and determine their match preferences, Connectidy produces a visualization that helps people understand how their personalities compare to others in their “universe.” The black stars represent unknown connections, while the blue stars are connections. Users can start discovering the traits of people around them and determine how compatible their personalities might be.

Spell Check For Your Emotions

Once two people make a connection, Connectidy takes the anxiety out of that all-important next step: sending a message. The Tone Analyzer, powered by Watson, tells the sender how their choice of words might be perceived by the recipient — and offers suggestions for improvement. While other dating sites don’t bother to help their users improve their communication skills, Connectidy builds people's awareness of how they actually sound versus how they think they sound. IBM’s Watson can read 800 million pages per second, but its ability to understand an 80-word note can save a relationship at any stage of development.